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"The Chancel Choir Corner"

“The Chancel Choir Corner”


 Chancel Choir Corner 

.                             Faure Requiem Info 

                             FPC Requiem Recording.

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*****     Current Announcements     *****


Chancel Choir Video Fellowship Event 

When: Wednesday July 1st at 7:30 PM

Where: In your home, in your car, wherever you have a computer

What:  We will talk, catch up, even sing-along with some anthems

How:  We will use ZOOM. 

YOU will receive an EMAIL on Wednesday morning.

When you click on the link in the email, it will automatically download the FREE ZOOM program.

.    You will need to get/check your microphone and your computer webcam (if you want to talk)


Send a message to Steven. 



.Here are the weekly musical moments of the FPC Sanctuary Music Program:

Click on a particular one to listen.


 .      1  “Sounds of Spring”


.       2  “Sounds of the Forrest”   


 .     3 “Sounds of Voices Alone” 


.     4 “Sounds of Strings”


.      5 “Sounds of Protest”


.      6 “Sounds of a Forrest Christmas”


.      7 “Sounds of “


.      8 “Sounds of “


.              I miss you ! 

Hey !  Listen to this G R E A T Choir —

Our Pastors asked for some of our Sanctuary Worship recordings to add to the video worship they are developing for the next month or so.   


I don’t know which ones they will choose to use, but I thought you might enjoy hearing them. 

There is a good variety. Just click on the play button to listen

My Soul Is a Witness — Althouse 

How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place — Brahms

This Is My Father’s World —  Luke Benton, violin

Hallelujah Chorus from MESSIAH — Handel

Rock of Ages — Hoefler

Jesus Christ Is Risen Today — Congregational Hymn

In Joseph’s Lovely Garden — Mowery

A New Commandment — Robertson

The King of Love My Shepherd Is — John Rutter

Sing to the Lord a New Song — Choral Scholars



Christmas Cantata Rehearsal December 15, 2019

Dear Favorite Choir,                                                             December 20, 2019 

There was a quiet in the sanctuary at the end of the Dan Forest “Silent Night.”  I could feel that the congregation had stopped thinking about a hundred earthly troubles, and, for just a few moments, had joined with our songs in offering praise and thanksgiving to God for the great gift of His Son.   Sometimes I do wonder if we “get it across” to the congregation; but last Sunday, I was confident they were “with us.”

And the best part (which I knew and you knew but the congregation did NOT know) was that we had three more top-notch anthems coming up which would raise the celebration and prayer levels even farther:  The Lloyd Prautsch “Dance of Adoration # 7, the Mary McDonald “He Is Born,” and then the great congregational hymn, “O Come, All Ye Faithful” with all of its brass and strings and percussion and organ and singers and especially those singing the descant on the final stanza.  At that moment I knew that you and I were in the right place at the right time doing the right task which the Good Lord had assigned to us — and doing it so beautifully !

I know I talk a lot and sometimes you just roll your eyes and ignore it, but listen carefully to this:


       And I am very proud to be your Director of Music and Choirmaster !   Thank you !




Crossnore Presbyterian Church, June 24, 2018




.                For a full set of our anthem recordings, go to soundcloud.com and search for my personal account. (I am the stevenmowery with the light green safari hat.) The recordings are open to the public, so you can invite your friends and family to enjoy them also. 


Hello Favorite Choir  !                                          

Welcome !  This page will help you in your preparation for anthems and rehearsals. In many ways, this page replaces the “white board” in the choir room.  It will give you anthem titles, dates scheduled, and special notes. PAM sealBut it will go farther than that and include links which will take you to recordings of the anthems, so you can listen to them and perhaps sing along.

Please note:  All of this process is quite legal; we pay an additional CCLI fee each year which is passed along to the composers and performers of the recordings we use on this website.

Please check it often and let me know how we can make it easier for you to use.  If you have announcements or corrections, please send them to me:   stevenfpc@hickoryfpc.org .